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Design Specification


We have extensive experience in preparing design and writing specifications. The specification is the focus around various documents to form a modern day contract.
The specification will incorporate a complex array of information, which will include design, testing, procedural visual and quality control information.

The parties will seek to have a fully prescribed the product to which they are to sign up under a building contract. The standard forms of building contract generally recognise the specification as a contract document.
The specification as building contract document will typically be supported by preliminaries and either bills of quantities or contract sum analysis. It will schedule the drawings to which it refers, and which will form part of the contract.
The second part will be to administer the terms of the contract on the employers behalf.

The contractor administrator owes a duty of care to the employer, under the terms of the contract he must therefore undertake a number of administrative functions including the following:

    •    Managing the client/contractor
    •    Co-ordinating the pre-project, project and post project phases.
    •    Instigating client variations
    •    Agreeing interim payments
    •    Issuing certificates including payment certificates and practical completion.
    •    Conclusion

We have the expert skills in administering all forms of different building contracts giving advice and information and also monitoring the work. We remain unbiased in matters such as certification of payments and ensuring that the contract terms are adhered to.

Why not give us a call to discuss further. We are experts in this field of work and can advise you on the best way forward.