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Development Monitoring

Development monitoring is distinct project management and construction monitoring and can be defined as:
The means of identifying, monitoring and controlling the risks associated with acquiring an interest in a development or entering into an agreement to purchase or let a completed development, which is under the clients’ direct control.
We carry out development monitoring on behalf of a funding institution that will acquire the scheme as an investment on completion. It might also provide funding during the construction phase. However, development monitoring is also undertaken by financiers when the loan expires at the end of a development period and therefore has no interest in the completed scheme. It may also be carried out on behalf of occupiers who enter into a commitment to lease a property before completion and even on behalf of insures where there is to be a decennial (latent defects) policy.
We are experienced in coordinating project teams including builders, tradesmen, landscape architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and interior designers forward.